The company was founded in 1922 in the Shetland Isles off the north coast of Scotland. Originally an offshore fishing and wholesale operation, the company expanded into the frozen fish market in the 1960s, delivering convenient and affordable seafood products under our Sheltie brand.


With expansion came success and it became apparent that larger premises were needed and during the early 1980s the company relocated to Hull – a city justly proud of its fishing history.


Following a successful start to the 90’s the company needs to increase it’s production capacity and rather than trying to “shoehorn” another line into the existing factory it was decided the best course of  action was to look for alternative, larger and more modern premises which would also provide some “future proofing” for further expansion.


The purchase of our current premises in Wassand Street is completed and following a complete interior re-fit, a brand new coating, frying, freezing and packing line is installed capable of packing up to a tonne of retail packs per hour.


Following the successful launch of our ready meal range and a confidence building steady increase in sales, a second line dedicated to ready meal manufacturing, freezing and packing is installed.


Seafish entered into the BRC accreditation scheme and following our inaugural audit were awarded Foundation level.


We were awarded the BRC Higher Level, the highest award then available, which in subsequent years was renamed Grade A which has been maintained since.


The company becomes independent of its Shetland roots when the current owner, Bob Carter, completes the purchase of the Hull factory and it’s assets, known at the time as Shetland Seafish (Hull) Ltd.


Following the successful acquisition of the Hull factory the company changes its name to Seafish UK Ltd.


Continued growth in sales of battered and breaded products the company purchases a second fryer to increase the production of coated products to 2 tonnes per hour.


To further increase manufacturing and packing capacity a third freezing and packing line is installed. The new processing line gives Seafish UK the capability of manufacturing, freezing and packing up to 3 tonnes of finished products per hour.


Seafish UK Ltd is recognised as one of the leading food manufacturers in the United Kingdom when we are awarded the highest level of independent accreditation; the prestigious AA standard of the British Retail Consortium’s, Global Standard for Food Safety.


COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic and thousands of businesses were forced to close. Seafish continued to trade, manufacturing and supplying products to the healthcare, home delivery and retail sectors.


Emma Acklam returns after a 2-year break and work gets underway on the rebrand and restructure of the company.


Rebrand is rolled out across the entire company, including the launch of a new website, uniforms, marketing collateral, tradeshow stand and mini pop-up kitchen.


AFOS Air Glade Steam Deglazer installed to improve productivity in the factory.


Bob Carter, CEO, steps down from the day to day running of the business to let daughter Emma and sons Andrew and Robert (2nd generation) take the reigns as Board of Directors.


AFOS Air Glade Steam Deglazer installed to improve productivity in the factory.