Showcasing Our Seafood Through the Lens of Kathryn Polley

At Seafish UK, we are dedicated to presenting our premium seafood products in a way that reflects our commitment to quality and our brand’s sleek and smart style. To achieve this, we have commissioned the award-winning independent photographer Kathryn Polley, whose exceptional talent and eye for detail are well-renowned in the industry.

Kathryn Polley holds a BA(Hons) in Communication Design (Photography) from The Glasgow School of Art. Her journey into photography began with a childhood fascination for her father’s camera—a box of tricks she couldn’t resist despite being told to keep her hands off. This early passion has evolved into a distinguished career, marked by a deep understanding of how photography can capture and convey the essence of its subjects.

Kathryn’s work often explores themes of home and family, aligning perfectly with Seafish UK’s ethos as a second-generation family firm. We are proud to have her capture the spirit of our latest offerings, including the Nanna Carters range, which epitomises home-cooked comfort food at its finest. Her photographs bring out the warmth and tradition that define this line, making them resonate with our customers on a personal level.

In addition to the Nanna Carters range, Kathryn has beautifully photographed our latest Asian-inspired range and a variety of our most popular items. Her ability to highlight the unique qualities of each product while maintaining a cohesive visual style is a testament to her skill and artistry.

At Seafish UK, we believe that our seafood products deserve to be showcased with the highest level of craftsmanship. Kathryn Polley’s photography not only enhances the visual appeal of our offerings but also tells a story that resonates with our values and heritage.

For more information about Kathryn’s photography styles, check out her website